Katie Quintana

I am the wife to an amazing man and mother to three precious children.  I have spent over 10 years in the church nursery but over the last couple years I’ve gained a passion for women’s ministry.  So I’m leaving the comfort of the chaos of little ones and stepping out in faith.  I pray that through this site I can encourage women, especially young moms, to make time for prayer and studying God’s Word.


This is my husband


Wonderful, Godly man who works hard all week to provide for us and volunteers hard on Sundays as a blessing to our church family.  I honestly could not have picked a better father for my children.  He is over protective and slightly neurotic when it comes to keeping his little ones safe but for now they love him for it (we’ll see what happens in five years).  He is a very hands-on father who engages them in active play, plays out whatever game pops into their imaginations, reads to them, spends hours making up silly songs, laughs with them, plays with them, teaches them, loves them and prays with them and for them.  My heart beats faster and my eyes fill with tears when I think about and try to explain just how great of a dad and husband he is.  God has blessed me and my children greatly.

These are my kidssiblings

My daughter– She is a rambunctious, strong-willed, opinionated 8 year old. She loves animals, especially nocturnal ones. Her dream is to be an animal rescuer. She wants a large family with lots of sisters and brothers of different races.

My first born son– He is a sensitive and loving 4 year old. He wants to be a firefighter and animal rescuer when he grows up. He cannot wait to be 5, then 6, then 7, and then 8 like his sister.

3rd child

My second born son– He is 1 and full of energy.  This little guy has an infectious laugh and a high pitch squeal.  He loves playing with his siblings.  He enjoys trying to lay on the cats (good thing his siblings are animal rescuers).

Obviously it’s time for new photos but aren’t they precious?


How this blog got started

I started this site as a way to minister to other women, specifically moms.  As a mom with young children I know the struggle of making time for Bible reading and prayer time.  It seems there is always someone needing something, a chore to be done, a mess to be cleaned up, or it’s finally time for me to get some sleep.  My prayer is that this blog will encourage you to make time for God and His Word in your day and give you some ideas of how to make the most of that time.

Here is a behind the scenes look at how I got motivated to get into the Word and begin to minister to other women.

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